Get Lippy

Get Lippy is back for 2020 and we want everyone to join us and Get Lippy and loud about gynae health.

Each May, The Eve Appeal unites some of the biggest names in beauty and retail – including lead partners Tesco and Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), and a host of other partners – to smash taboos, speak openly about gynaecological health, and raise awareness of gynae cancers.

So whether you can be affected by a gynaecological cancer, or you love someone who can, join us and Get Lippy to raise awareness as well as funds for our vital programmes.

We want you to Get Lippy so that everyone feels comfortable talking about a lump they found, whether it’s on them or their partner. We want everyone to Get Lippy so that when their grandmother mentions a post-menopausal bleed they can tell her to go see a GP. We want everyone to Get Lippy to help us continue to support families affected by these devastating diseases and provide the information they need.

This year, we want everyone to Get Lippy to raise much-needed funds for our dedicated programmes, including Ask Eve – a specialist nurse service that provides information to all who are concerned about the signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with gynae cancers.

So join us this May and Get Lippy!