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Women affected by gynaecological cancers need you now more than ever.

A third lockdown is difficult for us all, but the spread of coronavirus is wreaking havoc on our healthcare system, and women with gynaecological cancer symptoms are encountering potentially dangerous delays in being seen and treated. Calls to our Ask Eve nurse-led information service have rocketed. If you make a donation today, you can make sure women suffering with symptoms or who are facing a cancer diagnosis continue to get the answers and support they need.

Help make gynaecological cancers a disease of the past.

Donate to cancer research with a difference

We are so much more than an information service.  The Eve Appeal is the only cancer charity in the UK raising cancer awareness and funding research into all five gynaecological cancers – ovarian, womb, cervical, vaginal and vulval. Although the Eve Appeal is small in relation to other cancer charities in this country, our scope and our contribution are disproportionately large, with the money we raise covering gaps in cancer research funding. Please donate to cancer research that will make a difference to women for generations to come.

Currently in the UK only 6% of funding goes towards the prevention of cancer. Research donations with the Eve Appeal will be channelled into this under-funded area; our work is focussed on supporting research in risk prediction, early detection and prevention.

Reasons to donate now

Every day in the UK, 58 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, and of those 21 will die. We think that is reason alone is enough to make a donation. But if you need convincing, there are many other reasons:

  • Our research funding supports innovative early-stage projects where conventional research funding is harder to find.
  • Cancer research is largely focused on treatments and ‘silver bullet’ cures. Our vision goes further. We aim to save more lives, and spare families enormous pain and suffering by preventing gynaecological cancers from happening in the first place. Your support is critical in making this progress happen.
  • Less than 3% of cancer research funding nationally goes towards prevention research, even though we know this is the area where we can make the biggest impact to survival. Your donations will help to fund more of this vital research.
  • With our scientists and medics, we are united in the vision to significantly reduce the current 40% mortality rate from gynaecological cancers and save more women’s lives.

Read more reasons here.

Make a donation with an impact

Your cancer research donations will be used where we know we can have the biggest impact for the most people.

To make a donation more effective, please check our Gift Aid guide to see if what you’ve given is eligible for Gift Aid, so our charity can claim an extra 25p from the taxman for every £1 you’ve donated.

A donation of £10 could cover the cost of a blood sample collection kit.

Remember, your generosity today will help fund our vital services and save women’s lives.

You can make a huge difference. Thank you.