Open Calls for Research

Every year in the UK, up to 21,000 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, and 22 women die from these conditions each day. Although the five gynaecological cancers: womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal cancer account for 6% of all new cancer diagnoses, and 5% of all cancer related deaths, awareness of these diseases remains low. The Eve Appeal is determined to change this to a future where everyone is aware of, fewer women develop and more women survive gynaecological cancers.

Research supported by The Eve Appeal is wholly focused on developing effective methods of risk prediction, prevention, the better diagnosis, and early detection of all gynaecological cancers. Our ultimate aim is to develop more systematic and comprehensive screening for this group of cancers and significantly improve patient mortality.

Small Grant Awards

Deadlines for applications: June 3rd; July 22nd; September 9th

Introduction and Rationale: 

The Eve Appeal is launching its Small Grant Awards, seeking innovative applications from the UK research community for the early development of research ideas that could lead to new research proposals focused on the prevention of gynaecological cancers. We envisage that the awards will support small scale projects such as: feasibility studies, data analysis, surveys, patient engagement, and focus groups.

Application and assessment process:

Who can apply and what you can apply for:

Small Grant Awards are open to individual researchers or teams affiliated to a university, hospital, or other recognised research institution in the UK. The Principal Applicant must hold a permanent post at either a UK Higher Education Institution or within the NHS.

The Eve Appeal is keen to increase the numbers of researchers working in the field of gynaecological cancers with the aim of improving the chances of new breakthroughs and the potential transfer of knowledge and findings from other cancer fields.

This is an open call, with awards of up to £2500 for projects of up to 18months.

Though the applications should have a UK focus, collaborations with international partners are eligible.

Institutional Approval:

Research involving patients, service users, care professionals or volunteers, or their organs, tissue or data must obtain Research Ethics Committee (REC) approval before any work can start. For any pre-clinical studies using animal models, The Eve Appeal is fully committed to the 3Rs principles (Replace, Reduce, Refine) and all funded research should abide by rules set out by the Home Office. Under this system, animals can only be used when there is no alternative.

The application must be approved within the host institution by both the Principal Applicant and the Head of Department or their equivalent.  The application form must also be signed by the Finance/Administrative Officer on behalf of the institution. Those signing must have the authority to sign on behalf of the institution. We will accept electronic signatures.


This is a single stage application process.

Applications will be reviewed by two members the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) or where appropriate an invited expert.  Assessment by lay people may also form part of the review process, as such, applicants should carefully consider the use of non-scientific language in the application.

The RAC will recommend funding awards to the Trustees of The Eve Appeal Charity.

The criteria used to assess applications include:

  • Relevance to the understanding of prevention, or the development of early and better diagnosis of gynaecological cancers.
  • Involvement of people with gynaecological conditions in the proposed research.
  • Clear description and justification of how the project methodology will deliver the stated outcomes.
  • Applicants’ track record and ability to deliver the proposed research, and the facilities to conduct the proposed research.
  • Feasibility, the potential to deliver the stated outcomes within the timescales and budget.
  • Value for money.

Patient and Public Involvement:

We believe that involving people affected by medical conditions strengthens the quality and relevance of medical research. We encourage applicants to consider how the quality, feasibility or practicality of their proposal could be improved by involving people affected by gynaecological cancer in its development and oversight.

Contact details and how to apply:

To submit a proposal, download the small grants application form from The Eve Appeal website.

Completed applications should be submitted to

This is an open call for applications for the next 9 months to October 2021. The Eve Appeal reserves the right to close this call for applications if the small grants fund is fully committed before this date. Applications will be reviewed after three deadlines 3rd June, 22 July, and 9th September.

Applicants will receive an acknowledgement of your application within five working days of submission. If you have not received an acknowledgement after 5 working days, please contact:

Funder information

The Eve Appeal is a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1091708) and in Scotland (No. SC042612). A company limited by guarantee (England) No. 4370087. Registered office: 15B Berghem Mews, Blythe Road, London W14 0HN.