How do gynae cancers affect men?

It’s not just women who need to know about women’s health. Every woman who is diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer has a man in her life who cares about her, whether it’s her dad, son, brother, husband, friend or doctor. The Eve Appeal are helping to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of these cancers amongst men, and show that there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

In September 2017 we launched #IAmAdam. Throughout Gynae Cancer Awareness Month we shared stories from a range of men who have been affected by gynaecological cancers either personally or professionally.

The men we have spoken to know just how vital it is to break down the taboos that surround gynae health, and have all had very different experiences. We hope that by watching these videos, both men and women will feel less embarrassed and be encouraged to talk openly about gynaecological health.