Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2020

This Cervical Screening Awareness Week as surgeries across England will start to get their cervical screening programmes back up and running we will be updating you on what you can expect with your screening during and beyond covid19, as well talking about the barriers faced by certain communities when accessing their screening which will only be heightened by the pandemic and how with better communication and support we can help empower everyone with a cervix to get screened.

To kick start the week we were joined by Dr Anita Mitra, aka ‘the gynae geek’ for an insta live on @eveappeal and @gynaegeek. Ask Eve’s Karen Hobbs chatted to Anita about cervical screening in the time of covid and how we can help women access their screening when they start to get their invitations letters through.

Catch up on Monday’s live event.

We know that there are many reasons which prevent women and trans and non-binary people with a cervix from going for their screening, and that as programmes start to resume in the UK people may have extra worries about their risks and how screening may have changed through the pandemic.

This Cervical Screening Awareness Week will be discussing the barriers which affect certain communities when it comes to going for their screening, so watch out on our social media channels @eveapppeal for some important discussions around why black women are so unlikely to go for their screening, how we need to do more to enable people with physical disabilities to get screened, how we can help trans men and non-binary people with a cervix to feel supported and empowered, and how we can help women who have suffered trauma from sexual abuse or FGM get screened.

Read our cervical screening and coronavirus FAQs to get any questions answered on screening during the pandemic and what you can expect as screening starts to resume in England.