The EveryWoman Promise

We believe that including women’s health in workplace well-being agendas is not only good for your employees, it’s good for business.

As women, we spend a great deal of our time managing our health. Not because we’re ill, but because we’re women: menstrual health, cervical screening, contraception, pregnancy, menopause. And all of these can cause health concerns which stretch through the whole of our working lives. There’s no better time to open up conversations and talk about these issues. – Athena Lamnisos, CEO, The Eve Appeal.

Make a promise to EveryWoman.

By signing up to the EveryWoman Promise, organisations are making a commitment to champion and support women’s health in the workplace. The Eve Appeal will support EveryWoman partners with information to empower women to take charge of their own health, to break the taboos that still exist around all things gynae and to create a corporate culture where women are encouraged to attend life-saving screenings.

Natasha Adams, Chief People Officer, Tesco, says: “We are proud to be a founding signatory to the Eve Appeal’s EveryWoman pledge, and to provide further advice and resources to our colleagues in this vital area of health. By encouraging more conversation about the menopause, we want to remove the stigma of talking about it and increase the support for the large number of our colleagues who experience it in the workplace.”

Caroline Dinenage, Minister for Women’s Health, says: “Too often across society women’s bodies are seen as an inconvenience, with their symptoms and health concerns not taken seriously enough. Thankfully, awareness of the menopause and other painful and debilitating gynaecological conditions is increasing – but there is still a long way to go. I’m thankful to The Eve Appeal for raising awareness of this important issue and I’m confident The EveryWoman Promise will make a real difference. I encourage employers to rise to the challenge by creating supportive and flexible ways to help those living with these conditions.”

Caroline Neville MBE President CEW UK, says: “CEW is the leading organisation for women working in the beauty industry in the UK with over 1000 members. We have supported the Eve Appeal since 2010. We decided to support this charity because their vision was simple:a future where fewer women develop and more women survive gynaecological cancers. With the launch of the EveryWoman Promise which places a greater emphasis on awareness of gynaecological health issues we are seeing support for not only the female workforce but for employers too. A healthy and happy workforce is at the heart of the CEW mission and we applaud The Eve Appeal and the businesses adopting the programme for the wellbeing of all the women in their companies. This is a huge step forward.”

As an employer, you will:

  • Empower our colleagues to take charge of their own health
  • Provide information to support better knowledge of gynae health and cancers
  • Promote health equality in the workplace
  • Normalise conversations around gynae health
  • Remove taboos and embarrassment in the workplace
  • Increase understanding of periods, menopause etc. amongst line-managers and colleagues
  • Encourage colleagues to attend cervical screenings and mammograms, including time off for appointments that fall within working hours
  • Flexible working allowances for follow-up appointments from abnormal results
  • Flexible, case-by-case sickness absence

To find out more about how your company can make the EveryWoman Promise contact or call 020 7605 0105.

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