Gynae Cancer Awareness Month

September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and this year we have a host of activities to get involved in to help stop gynae cancers before they start.

You can take action this Gynae Cancer Awareness Month by:

Take 210,000 steps over the course of the month for the 21 women who die a day from a gynaecological cancer (that’s 7,000 steps a day)

Joining us on our Trek to Remember across the stunning Yorkshire Three Peaks on the 25th of September


Hold a Make Time for Tea party and get together (safely) with friends, family or colleagues and raise awareness and funds over a cuppa and slice of cake

Your support can help fund research to prevent gynaecological cancers and save lives

This September also marks the first school year where sex education becomes compulsory on the curriculum. This means students will be taught everything from anatomy, menstrual health through to HPV, cervical screening and cancer.

This is a really exciting step forward in helping the next generation to know their bodies and to be empowered to look after their gynae health! But we know for a lot of us, our sex education was limited, or didn’t exist at all.

Nearly a quarter of people surveyed earlier this year with Freeda Media report having had no sex education at school at all, and 70% say they got the majority of their sex education from the internet.

So we will be going back to school to give everyone the trusted sex and body education they deserve.

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