Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you so much for supporting The Eve Appeal. To help with your fundraising we have put together a list of Guidelines below.

Should you like to discuss these or if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch either by calling 020 7605 0109 or emailing

General Fundraising Guidelines

Using The Eve Appeal Name

If you would like to use our name and/or logo on any materials, please do get in touch using the details below – we can then discuss this further and ensure that it is line with our brand guidelines.

Remember, when fundraising you are doing so ‘in aid of’ The Eve Appeal rather than ‘on behalf of’. It is your responsibility to organise all aspects of your event and obtain the appropriate licences and permissions required – but don’t worry we are here to offer support and advice along the way.

Please do ensure that your fundraising is respectful towards all individuals involved and that it does not reflect unfavorably on The Eve Appeal’s name and reputation.

It is our company’s policy that you include our registered charity number: 1091708 (England & Wales) and SC042612 (Scotland) on any written or printed materials.

Top tip: contact The Eve Appeal’s Fundraising Team by calling 020 7605 0109 or emailing to receive branded materials.


Some activities require a licence which you can obtain from your local authority, for example:

  • running certain types of raffles and lotteries
  • collecting money in public
  • selling alcohol
  • providing public entertainment (for example, playing live or recorded music, performing plays or screening films)

Top tip: contact your local authority for further information or refer to the Government’s guidance on alcohol licensing or entertainment licensing.

Raffles, lotteries and prize draws

Holding a raffle, lottery or prize draw is a great way to raise additional funds at your event – and everyone loves getting involved. There are however, strict legal requirements set out by the Gambling Commission on how to organise these.

Click here to read the full guidelines for raffles, lotteries and prize draws.

To summarise, if your raffle is part of your event, with tickets sold only at the event and the winners are announced during the event, then you will not need a licence. However, if you sell tickets in advance or to people not attending the event, then you will need to contact your Council for a local lottery licence, and you’ll need specially printed raffle tickets.


Thinking of organising a Collection? Click here to read our guidelines and advice for a successful bucket collection.

Please contact the Eve Team either by emailing or by calling 020 7605 0109 – we can then talk through what you are planning to do and the requirements around this.

Food hygiene and alcohol

If you are serving food at your fundraising event please refer to the catering advice from the Food Standards Agency which provides guidelines for preparing, handling and cooking food.

If you are using a caterer it is always a good idea to check what their food hygiene rating is and ask for their Public Liability Insurance.

Top tip: if you are selling alcohol you need to apply for a licence from the local authority.

First aid

Any fundraising activity might require the provision of first aid, so we recommend you consider the number of people involved, the type of activity, and what – if any – first aid facilities are already available at the venue. Or perhaps one of your guests is a trained First Aider? For further advice we suggest that you contact St John Ambulance or The Red Cross.

Top tip: make up your own emergency kit containing plasters, disposable sterile gloves, alcohol-free wipes and an energy bar.

Insurance and Liability

By organising your own fundraising activity, you are responsible for taking adequate steps to ensure that it poses no risk to you or others. To assist with your planning please refer to the information provided on the Health and Safety Executive, in which you will find details on how to carry out a risk assessment, how to assess and control risks as well as how to ensure you comply with health and safety laws.

The Eve Appeal cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury suffered by yourself or anyone else as a result of taking part in a fundraising event organised in aid of The Eve Appeal.

Top tip: if your event uses the services of third parties, ask for a copy of Public Liability Insurance. If you are the main organiser please take out Public Liability Insurance.

Personal data and consent

You will need to ensure that any electronic or paper records that you keep about people involved in a fundraising activity comply with data protection laws. For further information refer to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Top tip: don’t keep information about people any longer than you really need to and don’t share information or data about someone without their permission.

Photographs or videos

We would love to see any photographs or videos taken during your fundraising activity/event. When sending us photos or videos please complete the Filming and Photography Release Form specifying if you are happy for us to use your photos in the future. We won’t use your photos without your permission.

Top tip: don’t share or upload photographs or videos without permission from those involved.


If children under the age of 18 are involved in your fundraising activity/event, you will need to ask for permission from their parent or guardian. You will also need their permission if you take photographs of their children.

Top tip: ask to speak to a child’s parents or guardians before they get involved.


You are responsible for any costs, taxes or expenses incurred or arising in connection with your fundraising activity or event. All promotional/marketing materials for your activity/event should clearly state whether all funds raised will go to the charity or whether any money will be used to pay for any costs, for example: ‘Tickets for our charity dinner cost £20 per person with all proceeds going to The Eve Appeal’ or ‘Tickets for our charity dinner cost £20 per person, with £5/50% of profits going to The Eve Appeal – the remaining funds will be used to cover the costs for the event’

Top tip: contact the Eve Team on 020 7605 0109 or for an Authenticity Letter which you can then use to approach local businesses and ask them to support your event with products or discounts.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a scheme which allows charities to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated and is a great way to make donations go further! You should encourage donors and/or sponsors to make Gift Aid declarations where eligible. This enables The Eve Appeal to recover basic rate tax on these donations from HMRC. Look here for further information on the Gift Aid scheme and how it can be beneficial to you as a taxpayer.

Top tip: check that the Gift Aid form has been filled out correctly by each donor or sponsor

Are there restrictions?

Yes, take a look at the list below to make sure the donation is eligible:

  • You must be a UK taxpayer and be aware that if you pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on your donations in that tax year then it is your responsibility to pay any difference.
  • We can only claim Gift Aid on donations, it cannot be claimed if you have received the money by giving something in return, for example an event ticket, entry into a competition or a slice of cake.
  • When receiving sponsorship make sure your lovely sponsors put down their name and full home address as well as the date and tick the Gift Aid column. We cannot claim Gift Aid if you complete the form on their behalf.  You can download a sponsorship form here.

For more information about regulations surrounding Gift Aid visit the HMRC website.

Great! What do I need to do?

If you are taking part in a sponsored challenge, simply download a sponsorship form and send it to us with the money you have raised. If you choose to pay online the amounts raised from all the sponsors in one lump sum, then don’t tick the Gift Aid box when completing the online transaction, but send us the sponsorship form separately and we can claim the Gift Aid on the eligible donations.

If you are making an individual donation complete this Gift Aid form and return it to us with your donation. Alternatively if you are paying in your money online, simply tick the Gift Aid box when completing the transaction.

If you have any questions or would like any more information you can contact The Eve Appeal’s Fundraising Team on 020 7605 0109 or