10 Reasons to Support The Eve Appeal

At The Eve Appeal, everything we do has women who have been affected by gynaecological cancer, and their close family and friends at its core.

Here are 10 simple reasons to support The Eve Appeal:

Every day in the UK 58 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer and 21 will die. The Eve Appeal are determined to change this for the future of women everywhere

We are the only national charity on a mission to raise awareness and funds to protect women from these cancers

Our research has already achieved major breakthroughs towards improving survival rates of women with gynaecological cancers through pioneering research into screening, early diagnosis and risk prediction


With our scientists and medics, we are united in the vision to significantly reduce the current 40% mortality rate from gynaecological cancers and save more women’s lives


Despite the current statistic that 40% of women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer will not survive, gynae cancer research – and specifically funding in our focus on early detection and prevention – is woefully underfunded

Awareness of gynaecological cancers is very low and many women do not even know there are five gynaecological cancers: womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval, and vaginal

There is a lot of shame and embarrassment surrounding women’s bodies and gynae cancer symptoms.

Helping us to break the taboos around gynae health so that women know their bodies and are comfortable talking about any changes will encourage women to get the medical help they need, when they need it


Our research funding supports innovative and cutting edge projects where conventional research funding is harder to find

Although we are a small charity our contribution is disproportionately large as we fund innovative new research and cover gaps in funding which allows projects to maintain momentum


Our research is world-class and highly collaborative. We fund research at University College London, University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, University of Southern California and Harvard Medical School and at 9 leading European institutions.

One of our programmes is a recipient of prestigious EC Horizon2020 funding for research and innovation and we couldn’t have done that without your support