Tips on how to fundraise

Drum up some extra support by adding some fundraising games and activities to your Eve 4 Eve – we’ve put together a list of things you can do below:

Hold a Raffle or Lucky Dip

Here at Eve we think this is one of the greatest ways you can encourage that extra bit of sponsorship! Use the authenticity in your pack when contacting local companies for prizes, for example you might contact your local spa for a voucher or your local supermarket for a hamper.

You can also approach companies to get prizes for other games or activities. Just remember to include your contact details with the letter so companies can respond to you directly.

Heads or Tails

Ask everyone to donate £1 or £2 to get involved. Get everyone to stand up and ask them to choose whether they think the coin will be heads or tails. Those who think heads will put both hands on their heads and those who think tails will put both hands on their bottoms.

Toss the coin and call out the result, those on the winning side stay standing, and the others must sit down and are eliminated. This is continued until you have one person standing. Don’t forget to award the winner a prize.

Knicker Designing

Guests can donate £1 or £2 to decorate a plan pair of knickers, they can add sequins, dye or lace to it. Or why not try and draw out a simple anatomical gynae diagram and see who gets the closest? The winning design wins a prize!

Guess how many Sweets are in the Jar

Fill up a jar full of sweets and ask guests to donate 50p or £1 to guess how many are in the jar. All they would need to do is write down their name and their estimate and then the person closest wins the jar of sweets!

Pin the Ovaries on the Reproductive System

To take part ask guests to donate £2 to see if they can pin the ovaries on the reproductive system. To get started, blindfold the participant and spin them round 3 times – then watch and see how close (or far) they get! The closest person would then win a prize.

If you would like to discuss these fundraising ideas or your own, get in touch with the Eve Team today either by calling 020 7605 0109 or by emailing