Probably Nothing

The Eve Appeal's Ask Eve team proudly presents our live event series ‘Probably Nothing’ Tuesday at 6pm @eveappeal on Facebook and Twitter, because your health is everything.

Most of our Ask Eve calls start the same way: ‘It’s probably nothing, but’. Our nurse service, Ask Eve, is here to answer those questions, set minds at rest, provide expert information, signpost to trusted sources and tell you when you should get yourself to a doctor.

Our fourth series of Probably Nothing, an Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month special, has just come to a close. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions and tuned in. Keep your eyes open on our social media for updates on Probably Nothing series 5, we will be back!

Probably Nothing Series 4

Episode 1: What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Episode 2: I have just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, what now?

Episode 3: My mum had ovarian cancer, am I at an increased risk?

Episode 4: What have you not got round to asking your GP about your gynae health?

If you have any questions about your gynae health, or the health of a loved one, you can Ask Eve for free and confidential information and advice on or by calling 0808 802 0019.


Probably Nothing Series 1 Episodes to catch up on:

Episode 1: Cervical Screening

Episode 2: Vulvas

Episode 3: Bleeding

Episode 4: Bloating

Episode 5: Discharge

Episode 6: Family history and risk of ovarian cancer

Episode 7: Sex after a gynae cancer

Episode 8: Myth busting


Probably Nothing Series Two Episodes to catch up on:

Episode 1: Post-menopausal bleeding

Episode 2: Bleeding after sex

Episode 3: Bleeding between periods

Episode 4: Education around periods and bleeding

Episode 5: Stigma around periods in different communities


Probably Nothing Series Three episodes to catch up on:

Episode 1: Do I need cervical screening?

Episode 2: My test results show HPV, what now?

Episode 3: Why is my daughter being refused a screening test if she has cervical cancer symptoms?

Episode 4: I’m avoiding my cervical screening because I have vaginismus and it will be too painful. What should I do next?