Reducing Your Risk

*Coronavirus (COVID)-19- Ask Eve has had a number of questions from women who are currently receiving treatment for gynaecological cancer, and their loved ones, asking if there are extra precautions they should be taking at the moment.*

We recommend following NHS advice around reducing the risk of infections, which includes staying at home, only leaving once a day for exercise and going to the shops for essential items such as food and medicine (as infrequently as possible), thoroughly and frequently washing your hands, avoiding contact with people who are unwell and when outside, maintaining a 2 metre distance from people who you do not live with. View the NHS guidelines here. 

If you are currently receiving or have recently finished treatment for cancer, you may have a weakened immune system and are therefore at an increased risk of becoming seriously ill if you contract coronavirus.

It is sensible for people who are immunocompromised due to cancer treatment (and those they are in close and daily contact with) to minimise their risk of exposure by following current NHS and government guidance. If you have received a letter or text from the NHS informing you to begin shielding again, we strongly recommend sticking to these rules.

In the event of any disruption to treatment, clinicians will always make decisions that prioritise those most in need and in consultation with their patients.

Mind has some great advice on looking after your wellbeing during the outbreak, which you can view here.