Autumn Newsletter 2017

Welcome to our latest edition of ‘Eve News’.

For many of us, September’s a busy month. So wherever you’re reading this – be it on your way to work, waiting for an appointment, taking a coffee break or just curled up at home – thank you.

Without your interest and support, we couldn’t fund research programmes like FORECEE, which recently made headlines and is on the brink of creating the first early warning system for four cancers affecting women.

And while we can’t all be world-class scientists like the FORECEE team, we can all help save lives. Especially now, with Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month focusing our efforts to combat embarrassment and a killer lack of knowledge.

Please consider getting involved with Eve 4 Eve this year to raise much-needed awareness and vital funds. Men can get involved too by supporting our #IAmAdam campaign. You’ll find out more in this newsletter, which by the way you may notice has a new look. We hope you like it.

Now let’s get cracking…

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