Saks Hair & Beauty

Early in 2015 we launched a 2-year partnership with the UK’s leading hair and beauty salon group, Saks Hair & Beauty.

Saks is committed to raising awareness of women’s cancers by using the time that stylists and therapists spend with customers to talk about the often taboo and too-little talked about subject – gynaecological cancers. But that is not all, the teams in Saks salons also pledged to raise a phenomenal £100,000 over 2 years.

Year 1 of this partnership was absolutely amazing and Year 2 has seen Saks continue to smash through their targets, reaching close to £115,000 to date. Through a combination of fantastic events in and out of the salon, as well as mammoth sporting challenges, Saks is one of Eve’s most committed partners.


“The £100K target smashed in glittery, glamorous Saks style. The whole Eve Appeal team are thrilled and in awe! We are so lucky to have such an amazing partner with a whole team committed to go above and beyond through running, climbing, baking, dressing up, talking to women, and raising vital awareness about the signs and symptoms of the 5 gynae cancers. This is absolutely and truly AMAZING. Thank you to Team Saks, we cannot wait to see what they do next!”
– Athena Lamnisos, CEO The Eve Appeal

At the heart of everything that Saks do is their desire to transform the way women look and feel. Their big objective is to show just how much they care about women by supporting The Eve Appeal, so why not join us to get Saksy in the name of women’s cancers. You can find your nearest salon here or email us to find out what’s happening in the world of #Saks4Eve near you.

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