Hosting your Tea Party

Planning your tea party

Thank you so much for signing up to host your own tea party, we greatly appreciate your support.

We’ve included some steps below to help you plan the perfect tea party. If you are not sure about a tea party, then how about a coffee morning or bake sale?


Set a date and time: We encourage tea parties to be held in March as part of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month but we’d be more than happy for you to hold your tea party at any point during the year – how about having one in the Spring or the Summer?

Choose a venue: Host your party at home, work, school or your local community centre

Invite your friends: There are invitations inside your pack that you can use and (if you need any more, just let us know). Alternatively, you may want to invite people using WhatsApp or social media

Promote it: Put up posters, send a press release to the local paper and/or radio station, set up a Facebook group or ask your friends to invite their friends

Bake or fake: The choice is yours, you can either make your own, ask friends to contribute a bake, or pop to the shops and fake it! No one will mind as they are there to have fun and support a great cause

Raise money: Ask your friends to make a donation for coming to your event or have a suggested donation for each cake/cup of tea. Alternatively, you can use Eventbrite to sell tickets in advance – read our guide on how to do this

Activities: Organise some activities for the day, e.g. a quiz or “guess how many sweets are in the jar”, or how about organising your own raffle – use the authenticity letter in your pack if you contact local companies to ask for donations. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our downloadable materials here

Keep in touch: Tell us what the plans are for your event, let us know if you would like any extra materials and don’t forget to send pictures to

Share: Use social media to let everyone know how your event went and don’t forget to tag us using @eveappeal for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Collect and bank: We encourage you to pay the money you have raised as soon as possible. More details are available here on the ways you can bank

If you would like any ideas or advice along the way, please do not hesitate to get in touch, give us a call on 020 7605 0100 or email – we would love to hear all about your tea party plans!

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