Research Strategy 2018-2025

The majority of cancer research has been directed towards treatment and therapy after the cancer has developed, our research strategy is to rebalance research spend to better understand the causes and development of women-specific cancers and directly enable more research on risk prediction and prevention.

We will do this by raising funds for research programmes in these areas and through profiling the need for research in these areas and thereby driving up funding to a broader sector.

Our remit focuses solely on research into finding more effective methods of risk prediction and prevention, and the better diagnosis and early detection of the five main gynaecological cancers of womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal cancer and understanding the development of women-specific cancers focusing on the systemic effects of BRCA and other genetic mutations. Where relevant, this means that our research programmes also cover breast cancer development as this is closely linked to issues of hereditary risk and hormone history.

The Eve Appeal is keen to increase the numbers of researchers working in the field of gynaecological cancer with the aim of improving the chances of new breakthroughs and the potential transfer of knowledge and findings from other cancer fields.

To read more about our research strategy – please view or download a copy here.