Department of Women’s Cancer

The Department of Women's Cancer at University College London

Since its realisation by Professor Ian Jacobs, The Department of Women’s Cancer has been intrinsically linked with The Eve Appeal and remains the focus of funding.

The Department of Women’s Cancer sits within the renowned Institute of Women’s Health at University College London (UCL) which ranked 4th in the QS World Universities was ranking 2013/2014.

Under the direction of Professor Martin Widschwendter, this world-class facility is tirelessly ‘working for women, working against cancer’. More specifically, it is conducting multidisciplinary research into women-specific cancers, with the aim of saving lives. This work includes:

  • Pioneering better ways of predicting who will develop cancer
  • Finding better methods of detecting cancers at an earlier and more treatable stage
  • Discovering more effective ways of preventing cancer
  • Exploring better treatments
  • Improving the care and quality of life for women with gynaecological cancer

The team which is known internationally for its pioneering work on ovarian cancer screening, is recognised as one of the international leaders in studying susceptibility genetics in ovarian cancer and are the leading group in translational epigenetics in women’s cancer in Europe. A review of the Department note that there are few groups in the UK who conduct cancer research using such diverse proteomic techniques.

The links below describe in more detail some of the revolutionary research that The Eve Appeal has supported at the Department of Women’s Cancer.

To find out more about the research we are currently funding, please contact Athena via email.