The Eve Appeal - Protecting women from gynaecological cancer

An introduction to the UK’s only gynaecological cancer charity, The Eve Appeal and their vision to protect women from gynaecological cancers.

FORECEE - One Test Four Cancers

Our new research risk prediction programme which aims to provide one test for all women-specific cancers.

BRCA PROTECT Research Clinic

The Eve Appeal has launched a new research clinic at University College London Hospital (UCLH) with the aim to develop interventions with the potential to revolutionise the lives of women with a genetic mutation; leading to improvements in predicting the risk for and prevention of developing ovarian and breast cancer in the UK.

Border of Life & Death - A campaign campaign for fairer cancer treatment in Wales

A film by Justyn Jones at Small World Productions following Annie Mulholland’s campaign for fairer cancer treatment in Wales. Annie died 2 months after the film was broadcast but the Welsh Government has promised to change the system of cancer treatment in Wales.

Share the information

Getting to know more about sensitive topics – like signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer or screening for cervical cancer – our five fabulous women aren’t alone in needing to know more…

Cervical Cancer

What all women need to know about cervical cancer…

How many are there?

Awareness of gynaecological cancers – or even knowing the names of all five – is very low. Our five fabulous women are no exception…

Get over the embarrassment

Our five fabulous women share some of their thoughts about what we all know as ‘smear’ tests…

What do you call yours?

Our fabulous women start the ball rolling in overcoming embarrassment by sharing how they describe ‘down there’…

How do you take yours?

The Eve Appeal wants women to settle down for a cup of tea and a chat… Our five fabulous women tell us how they take theirs.

BBC Lifeline Appeal for The Eve Appeal

Chariots of Fire star Nigel Havers makes an appeal on behalf of The Eve Appeal, a charity dedicated to improving the prevention, detection and treatment for gynaecological cancers.