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‘Stop ignoring the clitoris’: Making sex education about pleasure

More women are watching porn and sending sexts than ever before, yet few can distinguish their vagina from their vulva, or know where their clitoris is.

Ignorance about female genitalia is so widespread that almost half of women cannot label their vagina on an anatomical diagram. Sixty per cent of women do not know where their vulva is, according to research from gynaecological cancer charity The Eve Appeal.

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Obituary – Sarah Smith: 24 November 1963 – 26 October 2016

Sarah Smith was an advocate for prevention and early detection of ovarian cancer, who sadly lost her own personal battle on 26th October. Catherine Mayer (Sarah's sister) pays tribute to her in the form of an obituary to her life, and all of what Sarah had achieved.

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Huffington Post: 93% of women have never discussed gynaecological health with their mothers

The majority of women have never spoken about gynaecological health issues and sexual anatomy with their parents, reports The Huffington Post.

Research published by the charity found that more nine in 10 (93%) daughters never discussed gynaecological health issues with their parents when they were younger. Whilst 84% of women said their parents never discussed the female sexual anatomy with them.

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Daily Express: Ovarian cancer – Charity reveals failure to offer all sufferers ‘life-saving’ genetic tests

Women in the UK with ovarian cancer are not being offered testing for two genetic mutations as recommended in NHS guidelines, a charity has said.

NHS commissioning guidance states all women with a 10 per cent or more chance of having faulty BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes should be offered testing.

But charity the Eve Appeal, the UK’s gynaecological research charity, said not all the guidelines are being followed.

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Metro: 44% of women can’t correctly identify the vagina

Gynaecological cancer charity The Eve Appeal recently carried out a study as part of Gynaecological Awareness Month. As part of that study, they asked British women to label the different parts of the reproductive system on a diagram.

The results? Nearly half (44%) of women couldn’t correctly point to the vagina, while 60% couldn’t label the vulva. Whoa.

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The Scottish Sun: Where’s your vagina? Half of Scots women DON’T KNOW

HALF of Scottish women don't know where there vagina is - and just over a third can correctly label the female anatomy.

The alarming figures were revealed by leading gynaecological charity The Eve Appeal, who also revealed women are better at identifying the MALE anatomy - with six out of ten able to identify the foreskin, penis and testes.

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Cosmopolitan: 10 things your doctor wants you to know about your cervix

September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, so leading women's cancer charity The Eve Appeal is working hard to raise awareness of all five gynaecological cancers (yes, five: ovarian, cervical, womb, vaginal and vulval). The Eve appeal wants to encourage women across the UK to #KnowYourBody and to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the five gynaecological cancers.

Because it's important to know your body inside and out, The Eve Appeal's Information Nurse, Tracie Miles helped give us the lowdown on everything we need to know about our cervixes.

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The Independent: Nearly half of British women cannot identify the vagina

Almost half of women in Britain do not know the basic anatomy of their vaginas, according to new research.

Of 1,000 women surveyed, only half could locate the vagina on medical diagrams of the female reproductive organs, and less than a third could correctly label six different parts.

Whilst those aged over 65 had the worst knowledge of female anatomy, research by cancer charity the Eve Appeal found

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We Are The City: Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month – Only a third of women can correctly label female anatomy

Only a third of women can correctly label the female anatomy, according to a survey by gynaecological cancer charity The Eve Appeal.

The statistics found that nearly two thirds (60%) could not identify the vulva and nearly half could not locate the cervix or the vagina, as The Eve Appeal calls for women to get to know their bodies better.

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The Pool: Almost half of UK women can’t locate the vagina on a medical drawing

There's an alarming lack of education about our own anatomy. But that's not surprising with the stigma and shame women and girls are made to feel about their own bodies.

The Pool discusses why UK women can't locate their vagina on a diagram.

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