Welcome to The Eve Appeal blog! We hope to use this blog to challenge the taboo and help raise awareness by blogging about gynaecological cancer and hearing from brave women who have agreed to share their own experiences.


#sipandsew: I’m not a self-confessed cocktail dress kinda gal

Blogger Portia Lawrie gives us the lowdown on her latest creation in support of McCall Pattern Companys #sipandsew campaign

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#TeamEve researcher awarded prestigious grant to fund pioneering research into cancer prevention

We are very proud that our Chief Scientist Prof Widschwendter has received a prestigious grant into cancer prevention

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It’s time to #SipandSew…

#TeamEve's corporate partner, McCall Pattern Company launches The Cocktail Hour dress-making campaign for charity #sipandsew

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Research UPDATE: Small Cell Ovarian Cancer Project

We provide an update on our research project at Cambridge University investigating small cell ovarian cancer

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MPs and celebrities come together to Make Time for Tea at the House of Commons

MPs and celebrities marked the start of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by attending a tea party at the House of Commons

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BRCA & Me…the impact of gene mutations passed through generations

Alison Dagul addresses a room of MPs and women affected by gynae cancers about her experience of ovarian cancer

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My Mum…Sarah Smith

Becky Smith, daughter of the late Eve advocate Sarah Smith, re-counts her Mum’s speech at the House of Commons

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Riding the wave of the menopause

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) launch brand new information hub around the menopause

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Stigma-Squashing Conversations with Oliver Bonas & Cherry Healey

#TeamEve are delighted to announce a fabulous new 2-year charitable partnership with Oliver Bonas

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Is cervical cancer an STI?

Our Ask Eve Information Nurse, Tracie, tells us all about HPV and cervical cancer for Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

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