Welcome to The Eve Appeal blog! We hope to use this blog to challenge the taboo and help raise awareness by blogging about gynaecological cancer and hearing from brave women who have agreed to share their own experiences.

Until we know how the story begins, we can’t change the ending on ovarian cancer

New research funded by The Eve Appeal represents a significant step in uncovering how ovarian cancer develops

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Jumpsuits and cocktails…all in aid of #TeamEve

Kelly Patterson talks us through her creation for the #SipandSew campaign, which is supporting #TeamEve this year!

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Quarter-life cancer…

Ask Eve's very own Karen Hobbs was diagnosed with cervical cancer at just 24 - here she shares her experience with others...

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Gingerella Sips and Sews for #TeamEve

Jen Sanders talks us through her creation for the #SipandSew campaign, which is supporting #TeamEve this year!

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Here’s to being one of those gals!

Ella Framingham shares her experience of dealing with "abnormal cells" after her cervical screening appointment with #TeamEve

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Starting over after cervical cancer…the emotional impact

Kate Bolton shares her very personal story about the emotional impact of a cervical cancer diagnosis with #TeamEve

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“Doctors have seen many vaginas before, so there really is no need to be shy…”

Corinne Richards never thought that she would be diagnosed with cervical cancer, but here she shares her personal experience

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Public Cervix Announcement: #TeamEve urge women to attend cervical screening

During Cervical Screening Awareness Week (and beyond!), #TeamEve want women everywhere to attend their cervical screening

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Thumbelina takes on the #SipandSew challenge…all for #TeamEve

Nina Chang reflects on her colourful creation for the #SipandSew campaign, which is supporting The Eve Appeal

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#sipandsew: I’m not a self-confessed cocktail dress kinda gal

Blogger Portia Lawrie gives us the lowdown on her latest creation in support of McCall Pattern Companys #sipandsew campaign

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