The EveryGirl Project

The EveryGirl Project will bring informed and taboo-busting gynae health and cancer prevention education to children across London and the South East.

This International Day of the Girl we are delighted to announce our pilot of the EveryGirl Project, which has been made possible thanks to funding from from interdealer broker, ICAP, and their charity day.

This programme will enable us to go into schools and communities, initially piloted around London and the South East, and deliver age appropriate sex education to boys and girls. We want to stop taboos before they start by educating children in an open and informed way.

Our recent yougov survey for Gynae Cancer Awareness Month found that only 1% of parents frequently use the word ‘vulva’ when referring to female body parts in front of their daughter, and 1/5 of parents didn’t refer to their daughters reproductive body parts at all! We need to put cancer on the curriculum to ensure that the next generation grow up free of shame over their bodies and knowing their normal.

From our work at Eve, we know that there is a huge lack of awareness and a lot of embarrassment around gynae health and the female anatomy, and this is preventing women seeking the healthcare they need when they need it, leading to later diagnosis of gynae cancers. We want to arm the next generation of Eves with the information they need to be empowered over their own health.