HPV Has No Gender

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common virus- 80% of us will get it in our lifetime- that can sometimes to lead to a variety of cancer types: head and neck, anal, vaginal, vulval, cervical and penile. Yet, 40% of people have a poor understanding of it and 30% haven't heard of it at all. We have developed a guide for people aged 16 and over to raise awareness of HPV- what it is, what it can cause, and how to try to prevent it.

What do you know about HPV?

A Guide to HPV: HPV Has No Gender

This guide is for everyone over the age of 16 and aims to raise awareness of the virus HPV and the diseases it can cause. Download it today to find out everything you need to know about HPV.


Easy Read HPV Guide

Download a guide to HPV in Easy Read format.


Dr Naomi Sutton, Sexual Health Consultant, TV Dr on C4’s Sex Clinic, says:

“Too often I hear the words ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ used in my clinic when describing someone’s sexual health. Using these words promotes stigma and misunderstanding because sexual health has absolutely nothing to do with personal hygiene. In actual fact the vast majority of us will carry viruses which are sexually transmitted, including HPV types and HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) throughout our adult lives. Most people remain unaware that they have any infections because they don’t always cause symptoms but, it doesn’t mean they are not there. Education is so very important to combat stigma and stop misunderstanding.” 

HPV leaflets

We have a range of leaflets to download which you can display in your GP surgery, sexual health clinic or community centre to advertise our guide to HPV to young people.

Find and download them here.

Dr Asha Kasliwal, President of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), said:

“The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) supports the rights of men and women, and boys and girls, to access high quality SRH information and services, regardless of gender or other factors.

We are pleased to be supporting this important and timely campaign by The Eve Appeal to share the truths around HPV.

Information on any aspect of sexual and reproductive healthcare, including HPV, must be evidence-based and non-biased. Myths, misinformation and stigma can prevent people from making informed decisions in relation to their healthcare.

Through high quality, accurate information on HPV, we can equip people with the facts and help save lives.”