Jamie McCartney

Jamie McCartney is an Artist and Sculptor. He created The Great Wall of Vagina, a sculpture using plaster casts of 400 women's genitals.

Men need to discuss women’s genitals:

I think it’s important for men to talk about this, because I think very often men are a source of problems for women around this stuff. I think it’s male discomfort around women’s genitals, or about discussing this stuff that often leads to them making nasty comments or misunderstanding, all sorts of things that can lead to relationship problems. So, if you think that men are half the problem, then ergo they can be half the solution. I think that’s the reason why this is important.

Dying from shame:

If someone said to me that they were too embarrassed to discuss their genitals, but they thought they had a problem, I’d really worry about them. I’d really convince them that if they thought there is a problem, they have to go and see their doctor because this stuff isn’t funny. I think the problem is we have a lot of shame around genitals in our society, which is just really unhelpful. Some people are going to die because of that shame, so I think we have to take it very seriously. I would say go, I’ll come with you, I’ll hold your hand, but just go.