Richard Stott

Richard Stott is 29 and lives in London. He met his girlfriend in November 2016, 2 years after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Meeting her after she had cancer:

I didn’t know her at the time. She had the foresight to spot the signs when it happened and luckily, she was saved. There’s something I struggle with sometimes, it’s that I didn’t know her. I couldn’t be there for her, in a time that she really needed someone to be there for her. It’s an irrational thing, but that’s something I think about a lot. I wish I was there for her.
She has to have regular check-ups, and I always offer to go with her, but she’s very independent and very confident about the process, and going on her own, but I’ll always support her and go with her.


One of the things that has affected her since having a life-threatening illness, is her anxiety. As a partner, I need to understand that. A lot of people say when you’ve survived something like that, you get a zest for life. I think that’s brushing over something, because yes, you might get a zest for life and ‘life’s too short’, but people brush over the anxiety that ‘life’s too short’ can bring.

The love of my life:

Like I said, I didn’t know Karen when she was ill. However, since meeting her my life has changed a lot, because she’s the love of my life. It’s not just that we’re boyfriend and girlfriend, we are partners, we do everything together. We both work on creative projects, we did the Edinburgh Fringe together, helping each other. I don’t know where my life would be without her, so if she hadn’t been saved and those doctors hadn’t spotted the signs, then I wouldn’t have met her. How true is that for so many other people, that they don’t get to meet the love of their life because they weren’t saved in time?