Angus MacLennan

Angus MacLennan is The Eve Appeal's Chair of Trustees. He has been involved with Eve for over 20 years, after his friend Lone was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Why I became involved with The Eve Appeal:

I became involved in The Eve Appeal some 20 years ago, when a very beautiful person called Lone succumbed to ovarian cancer when only in her 30’s. Lone was married to my very dear friend Peter Vagn-Jensen, and her consultant, then at Barts Hospital, was Prof. Ian Jacobs.

A deadly cancer:

Like so many other Adams, who’ve had to endure this same awful experience, Peter had no prior knowledge or awareness of ovarian cancer, what a brutal and deadly cancer it is. It barely registered any improvement in mortality rates over the previous 30 years and more, unlike many other cancers, like breast and prostate, where survival rates have improved dramatically over the same period.

Peter was so horrified that in partnership with Ian, they resolved to do something about it. Improving the research into ovarian cancer, continuing the work that Ian had already been doing throughout his career, and having already set up the Gynae Cancer Research Fund many years earlier.

Research and the future:

Over these years, I’ve become closer to the research, the research team and sadly to the many, many tales of afflicted women and their families. It has made me even more passionate about finding a way of eradicating gynaecological cancers, so that future generations don’t have to suffer in the same way.