Angus MacLennan

Angus MacLennan is The Eve Appeal's Chair of Trustees. He has been involved with Eve for over 20 years, after his friend Lone was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Ground-breaking research:

The Eve Appeal’s mission is to raise funding for research, but specialising in the research for the early prediction of women’s cancers, and thereby offering women the opportunity of prevention and/or intervention to stop these cancers taking hold. I can honestly say that now, after these 20 years I feel we really are on the cusp of a major breakthrough. One, which if successful, could lead us to the holy grail of being able to offer a simple, non-invasive and affordable test which will allow women of all ages to understand their likelihood of developing many of these cancers in future years, and so allowing them to take preventive action to stop the cancers actually developing. I’m really excited about this research which is part of this ambition.

We are in this together:

But gynaecological cancers afflict not just the women who suffer directly, but also their families. Not just daughters, mothers, sisters, but also husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. So, men of this world, Adams of this world, I plead with you to join us on this mission. We are in this together, so spread the word, and be encouraged to speak about women’s health in a world where it’s still difficult for many to speak openly about matters ‘below the waist’. Help us. Help us to raise awareness of the symptoms. Help us to raise funding. Introduce your networks to the work of The Eve Appeal and the research teams we support. Help us to ensure that families in the future do not have to suffer in the same way as so many have in the past. Thank you.