Wesley Hutchins

Wesley Hutchins is the Communications Officer for The Eve Appeal. Every day he hears stories of women talking about their experiences of gynaecological cancers. His aim is to raise awareness of the little known signs and symptoms of gynaecological cancers with a wider audience.

My role at The Eve Appeal:

I’m the Communications Officer at The Eve Appeal, so I hear many stories day to day of women talking about their experiences of gynaecological cancers.

It feels very odd being a man in a women’s cancer charity just because of the nature of the job.  I talk to so many women throughout my day who share their very personal, intimate experiences of developing a gynaecological cancer.

The men in their life matter:

What always strikes me is how they talk about their dads, their brothers and their partners.

All these men have played a part in helping these women. Whether it be before, during or after diagnosis.

If a woman can’t approach their husband or a member of her family about the issues they are facing, how on earth can we expect them to go to their GP about it.

We know at The Eve Appeal that earlier diagnosis means a much better outcome, but awareness of gynaecological cancers is still low. It worries us, but spurs us on.

I have heard some harrowing stories, and it puts everything, and I mean everything into perspective. It puts the work we do here at The Eve Appeal to the front of my mind. Knowing you have made a difference and have helped in some way is a good feeling.

You’d expect women to react differently to hearing a man’s voice at the end of the phone but I haven’t had any negative reactions. Women are quite open with their stories. Maybe it even helps. If they have talked to me, maybe they feel less embarrassed about talking to a male GP.

I am very used to the word ‘vagina’ now!

Why I am supporting I Am Adam:

We want to reach out the ‘Adams’ – the men who care about the women in their lives.

There needs to be more normalisation of the subject. We want to encourage men not to shy away from having these important conversations.

For every Eve, there is an Adam who cares for them.