Jack is 13 years old and his Mum is a BRCA 2 gene mutation carrier. This means that she was at a higher risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. She chose to have preventive surgery, so in 2009 had a double mastectomy, followed by a hysterectomy in 2014.

My mum had a mastectomy and hysterectomy:

I was quite scared at the time, because I wasn’t 100% aware of all the risks and what would have happened if she hadn’t had her breasts and ovaries removed.

I’m very pleased with the choice my mother made in regards to her surgery, as she hasn’t had any signs of cancer.

Boys and men need to talk:

I think it’s very important that boys should be able to talk about it as well. It may only be women’s cancers, but it’s still something that men can research, look into and support people who have it.

Don’t be embarrassed by any of this. Cancer at the end of the day is a horrible disease, and we all need to come together to beat it. Everyone needs to be able to talk about it and help prevent it.

I Am Adam:

Every man has a woman in their life: from their family members to friends or partners, and if they can talk about it, then so can you.