Finn Miles

Finn's Mum is the Information Nurse at The Eve Appeal, Tracie Miles. She has a PhD in gynae-oncology, and Finn is very used to talking about women's health.

Mum’s sex toys:

As a kid, I would spend a lot of time coming home and during her studies, I would see what you wouldn’t normally see in a normal household. Sex toys, and other things related to her studies, that in most cases would be uncomfortable for people to see.

For me it just got more and more normal throughout the years. These days, if someone ends up talking about something along those lines, it’s not really a big deal for me, it’s just another topic.

We need to learn:

I think it’s important for men to know about gynae problems and health issues, because it’s a sensitive topic. We don’t understand fully, and it’s important that we learn more by just being open and being ready to absorb information. That should be normal to us.

Be supportive:

I’m happy to support The Eve Appeal in this awareness month. I think it’s important for men to be supportive when they can, for who they can. Any time of the day, any time of the month, any time of the year.