David Barber

David Barber lives in North London with his wife Faith. In 2015, David and Faith were exploring the option of fertility treatment, when Faith was told she had womb cancer at just 35.

Out of the blue:

Just over two years ago, my wife Faith was diagnosed with womb cancer. We had been investigating fertility treatments, and Faith was experiencing long periods and quite painful periods.  Routine tests came back saying that she had womb cancer. This was a shock to both of us and the doctor as well. She was shocked to see someone at 35, diagnosed with a disease which is normally seen in much older people.

A massive impact:

It’s had a massive impact on both of our lives. Visiting her in hospital was when it all started to sink in. The evenings after work, going to the hospital, coming home alone, having to leave her there every night was heartbreaking. I hated leaving. She was going back to the hospital every other day for radiotherapy, and then came the chemotherapy. That was probably the hardest part, knowing Faith is going in there, and seeing what the chemotherapy did to her.

Our lives now:

I’m amazed we’re here. I think the recovery took a lot longer than both of us thought it might. She has to manage her energy during the days, to make sure she doesn’t plan too much in. Our life is getting back to normal, we’ve got two kittens! They’re running around and bringing joy back into our lives.

I Am Adam:

I’m doing this because I want to make talking about gynaecological cancers something that isn’t taboo, and isn’t something that people whisper under their breath. The earlier things like this are spotted, the best chance we’ve got.