James Gordon

James Gordon is 28 and lives in London. His Nan was diagnosed with womb cancer in June 2017, after having abnormal vaginal bleeding.

How I found out:

About a month and a half ago, I found out that my Nan had womb cancer. I got a call from my Mum, she told me that my Nan had been for a check-up and the Nurse had told her it looked like it might be cancerous; a cyst that was in her womb.

The warning sign:

What had essentially happened was my Nan had a bleed, which for a woman her age is very, very uncommon, so straight away she knew to go and get it looked at. The turnaround was insanely quick. She went and spoke to her surgeon, she had an MRI scan, and they found that there were also some problems with her lymph nodes. It meant that she would have to have another operation on those as well.

Her treatment:

She had a hysterectomy and an operation on her groin in the same day. She managed to really quickly jump that hurdle of getting the operation done.

I went and saw her in hospital after she’d had it done, about two weeks ago. She recently got her tests back from all of the stuff they took, it’s all clear and she’s going to make a full recovery, which is great.