Barney Miles

Barney is a 3rd year Biomedical Science student. His Mum is Tracie, The Eve Appeal’s Gynae Nurse Specialist.

Talking about gynae health:

My Mum has definitely been an inspiration for me. She’s been a gynae nurse for as long as I can remember. The topic of gynae health has always been a topic in our household. It’s never been something which I’ve not been exposed to. I appreciate that not every 27-year-old man has had the kind of exposure that I’ve had growing up, and the first time they hear about gynae cancer is when a woman in their life is diagnosed.

Supporting Eve:

I’m proud to support The Eve Appeal, and tell everyone that this September is the perfect opportunity for men to learn a few more bits of information, and raise their awareness about the five types of gynaecological cancers.