Dr Adam Rosenthal

Dr Adam Rosenthal is a consultant gynaecologist working at University College Hospital, London. He has worked with The Eve Appeal for many years leading research programmes. His focus is developing screening for women at high risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Early detection and risk prediction is key:
Early detection and risk prediction in order to prevent cancer is crucial because unfortunately by the time someone has cancer, we are already battling against the clock.
If we are able to detect changes, either at an early stage or before it’s become cancer – through risk prediction – the chances of a woman surviving are massively increased. This research is ground-breaking.
It’s really crucial that women are aware of the signs and symptoms of gynaecological cancer, and that if they have any of these symptoms they make an appointment to see their GP.
The UK has a very poor survival rate for some of the gynaecological cancers. Women just don’t know the signs and symptoms. The two have to be connected.
Why I am supporting the campaign:
Awareness is so important.
If men have any concerns that the women they know might have the symptoms of a gynaecological cancer, or perhaps know that they are not going for their cervical smears or even ignoring letters, I would encourage them to talk to them.
Knowing that the man in their life is worried may encourage a woman to see her GP and ask for help, because without presenting early the problem may become worse, and in some cases incurable.
It’s really important for men to be aware and unembarrassed about the signs and symptoms of gynaecological cancers so that they’re able to help the women in their lives.
We work in The Eve Appeal laboratory at University College London where we’re doing pioneering work to try to detect female cancers at the earliest stage possible.
This is the vision we have.