Welcome to The Eve Appeal blog! We use this blog to challenge taboos and help raise awareness by hearing from women who have been affected by gynaecological cancers, the people who love them and the healthcare professionals and scientists who are working every day to improve the situation for women diagnosed with these diseases.

‘We believe in a workplace where all of our staff feel supported and included.’

Robyn Grew, COO of Man Group, writes about why signing up to The EveryWoman Promise is so important to her.

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Katharine Gale

Elephant in the Womb

Nurse Consultant, Katharine Gale, blogs about the importance of raising awareness of womens health in the workplace.

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The ‘EveryGirl Project’ Will Save Lives And Shake Up RSE

Laura Coryton blogs about why better sex education is needed and how The EveryGirl Project will break down taboos.

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Genetic testing for all breast cancer patients at point of diagnosis could save lives

Eve research news: Multi-gene testing at the point of breast cancer diagnosis would be cost effective and save lives

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‘Tackling taboos to save lives’

Catherine tells us about her time on the #GoRedTrek this year in the Cotswolds

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Take the vulva vow!

Vulva is NOT a swearword. Take the Vulva Vow and pledge to say vulva openly and without embarrassment!

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‘I needed to fight for my boy, he needed me.’

Mandy tells us about how her vulval cancer has affected her whole family

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‘Educate women of all ages about their gynae health’

Athena explains why it is so important to educate Eves of all ages, and how our tips can help

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My mum prepared me for what was to come

This GCAM, Kathryn tells us her story of being diagnosed with cervical cancer and how her Mum helped her through

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Call for population wide BRCA testing in the Jewish community

RESEARCH NEWS: Call for population wide BRCA testing in the Jewish community

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