Welcome to The Eve Appeal blog! We hope to use this blog to challenge the taboo and help raise awareness by blogging about gynaecological cancer and hearing from brave women who have agreed to share their own experiences.

Together; a partner’s story of vulval cancer

Matthew Baumhauer speaks openly and honestly about his wife, Clare's, diagnosis of vulval cancer

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“I was grateful that I hadn’t ignored my cervical screening reminder”

Isha Webber wants to encourage young women to attend their cervical screening

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Star studded Art for Eve launched at iconic auction house for charity

Host of stars including BAFTA Award winner Olivia Colman and comedian Jo Brand help launch Art for Eve

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Laura Dodsworth - Womanhood Film Channel 4

Why is it so hard to call a vagina a vagina, and a vulva a vulva?

Laura Dodsworth, a photographer, artist and author talks shame, sexuality, and power, and how our health is suffering

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“Too few women know what normal is; let alone what’s not”

Helen Caton, a Make Time for Tea advocate, tells us why she is supporting the charity for very personal reasons

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Why I’m raising a ‘cuppa to The Eve Appeal

Saima Thompson shares with us her experience of cancer and why she's supporting Make Time for Tea

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“The greatest misconception I find is that gynae cancers affect older women”

After being diagnosed with womb cancer at 17, Franky Makey tells us why she's supporting Make Time for Tea this year

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Politicians, clinicians, celebrities and activists come together to Make Time for Tea

We launched Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month at the House of Commons earlier this month

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Five minutes to save your life

How a five minute test can save your life.

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