Welcome to The Eve Appeal blog! We hope to use this blog to challenge the taboo and help raise awareness by blogging about gynaecological cancer and hearing from brave women who have agreed to share their own experiences.


‘Educate women of all ages about their gynae health’

Athena explains why it is so important to educate Eves of all ages, and how our tips can help

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My mum prepared me for what was to come

This GCAM, Kathryn tells us her story of being diagnosed with cervical cancer and how her Mum helped her through

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Call for population wide BRCA testing in the Jewish community

RESEARCH NEWS: Call for population wide BRCA testing in the Jewish community

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The hardest part of having cancer isn’t the diagnosis, it’s having to tell the people you love.

This GCAM, Fi Munro is sharing her story of how her families support helped her through her ovarian cancer diagnosis.

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Educating Eve

Karen Hobbs discusses why better education is so important for the next generation of Eves.

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Mum knows best

This GCAM, Mandy is sharing her story of how her mum's advice got her to the doctors and diagnosed early with womb cancer

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Gynae Cancer Awareness Month is here, lets Go Red!

Gynae cancer awareness month is here and for the second year running we are asking you to Go Red!

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HRT and cancer risk- what you need to know following today’s news

Today's news in The Telegraph about HRT and cancer risk- Ask Eve takes a look and tells you what you need to know

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Funding announced to develop a tool for the instant diagnosis of womb cancer

Today, we announced funding for research into iKnife technology for the diagnosis of womb cancer

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Research news: Potential new screening test to detect ovarian cancer

Eve Appeal funded researchers have developed a new screening test that may be able to detect ovarian cancer two years earlier

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