Welcome to The Eve Appeal blog! We use this blog to challenge taboos and help raise awareness by hearing from those who have been affected by gynaecological cancers, the people who love them and the healthcare professionals and scientists who are working every day to improve the situation for women and people diagnosed with these diseases.

A day in the life of a gynaecological cellular pathologist

A day in the life of a gynae pathologist, written by Dr Jackie McDermott.

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Before- my journey through genetic testing for the BRCA1 alteration

Fenella writes about how she feels heading into genetic testing for the BRCA1 gene alteration.

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Wales: moving cervical screening intervals explained

Ask Eve's nurse Hilary explains yesterday's news that cervical screening in Wales is moving to every 5 years instead of 3.

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Our 2021 in review

As we enter the New Year, our Comms Officer, Lydia, blogs about 2021 at The Eve Appeal.

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Research News: members of the Jewish community from all denominations were as open to getting BRCA testing when offered.

Caroline Presho blogs about what population-wide BRCA testing in the Jewish community would mean to her.

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One Cancer Voice charities call for clarity on workforce funding announced in the Spending Review

Once Cancer Voice charities call for clarity on workforce funding announced in the Spending Review

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‘I started bleeding heavily and had to miss my swimming lessons’

Jackie shares her story of being diagnosed with womb cancer after having heavy bleeding.

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Why I’ll Be Talking to My Daughters About Their Reproductive Anatomy…

This International Day of Girl, read about why you should be teaching your daughter about her body.

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Back to School- Sex and Body Education

We go back to school to give everyone the sex and body education they deserve.

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