Welcome to The Eve Appeal blog! We use this blog to challenge taboos and help raise awareness by hearing from those who have been affected by gynaecological cancers, the people who love them and the healthcare professionals and scientists who are working every day to improve the situation for women and people diagnosed with these diseases.

Dear Debs,

Eve CEO, Athena, writes a tribute to Get Lippy Ambassador, and dear friend, Dame Deborah James.

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“As someone who has a learning disability, cervical screening was a big thing for me to go and do.”

Get Lippy Ambassador, Ciara, writes about going for her cervical screening as a woman with a learning disability.

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Monitoring how well preventive treatments work for aggressive breast cancer using tags on our DNA

Researcher Dr Chiara Herzog blogs about new research that brings hope to reduce risk of aggressive breast cancer

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Vulval Cancer Research Fund- new project to detect signs of vulval precancer before it turns to cancer

Researcher Ashton blogs about our first project to come out of the Vulval Cancer Research Fund.

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‘So I felt a bit like I was out in the wilderness – carving a path of my own’

Emma shares her experiences of her diagnosis of small cell ovarian carcinoma for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

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‘Know you aren’t alone, even if you have a rarer cancer’

This Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Sara shares her story of being diagnosed with germ cell ovarian cancer.

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