Welcome to The Eve Appeal blog! We use this blog to challenge taboos and help raise awareness by hearing from women who have been affected by gynaecological cancers, the people who love them and the healthcare professionals and scientists who are working every day to improve the situation for women diagnosed with these diseases.

Launched Today: Our Guide to Genetic Testing in Ovarian Cancer

Ask Eve's Tracie talks through genetic testing and answers some of your frequently asked questions in a video series.

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Health NOT Hygiene – why talking about periods isn’t dirty

Eve CEO, Athena, blogs about the language around periods and why we need to make it about health and not hygiene.

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Next piece of the puzzle found on how our ‘good’ bacteria help protect us against ovarian cancer

Eve research published today has found a causal link between 'good' bacteria in the vagina and the 'software' to our cells.

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‘I run for my Auntie Linda and the thousands of other women and families that are going through this.’

Abbie blogs about her running challenge, 150kms in November for her Auntie Linda, who passed away from womb cancer.

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The Eve Appeal

The World Health Organisation has announced a commitment to eliminate cervical cancer worldwide.

Today WHO has announced a commitment to eliminate cervical cancer worldwide. Here is our statement.

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‘It was really difficult for us all, going through this through covid’

Chris blogs about his mum who passed away from womb cancer in August and his big cycling challenge through GCAM.

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Lynch Syndrome: Testing guideline change means a big win for cancer prevention

Dr Neil Ryan blogs about the new NICE guidelines that recommend Lynch Syndrome testing for all womb cancer patients.

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‘I know how hard the festive season can be, I lost my mum to ovarian cancer seven years ago.’

Kerri blogs about losing her mum to ovarian cancer and why we need to support research and raise awareness this Christmas.

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World Menopause Day: Dr Bella explains the fundamentals everyone should know

Dr Bella Smith, blogs about the fundamentals everyone should know about the menopause and why it has been so overlooked.

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Why sex ed is the key to changing the way we think about periods

Laura Coryton blogs about period taboo and how the new compulsory RSE curriculum will empower girls.

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