Welcome to The Eve Appeal blog! We use this blog to challenge taboos and help raise awareness by hearing from women who have been affected by gynaecological cancers, the people who love them and the healthcare professionals and scientists who are working every day to improve the situation for women diagnosed with these diseases.

Minn Makes His Way

Hayley blogs about the Minn Makes His Way challenge and how you can get involved.

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‘I survived cancer without ever realising I had it’

Georgia Tennant writes about surviving cervical cancer before she even knew she had it.

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‘When my first invite arrived through the post years ago, my body froze, and I then ripped it up’

Helen, who is living with PTSD, blogs about the barriers faced accessing cervical screening for survivors of sexual assault

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Vulva, a poem by Get Lippy Ambassador and Poet, Hollie McNish

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After Storm Covid, Where Will the Rainbow Land?

Eve CEO, Athena Lamnisos, blogs about how we need to move forward with a focus on prevention after coronavirus.

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Study shows PROMISE in being able to predict ovarian cancer risk in every woman.

Today a paper was published from our PROMISE study, Karen Hobbs blogs about the move forward for ovarian cancer prevention.

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‘I’ve always loved talking about my periods.’

Léa blogs about why everyone needs to Get Lippy and Loud about gynaecological cancers this May.

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Cancer is not on Lockdown – People Ignoring Worrying Symptoms During Pandemic

Cancer is not on lockdown! Nearly half of young people would sit on key symptom, find out more about our Get Lippy campaign.

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A study on the impact of Covid19 on gynae cancer care has been launched

A study on the impact of Covid19 on gynae cancer care has been launched, Eve's Comms Officer, Lydia, blogs about the study.

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“I’ll be honest with you, this is the most stressful time in my 35 years of nursing. Nothing compares to this.”

Ask Eve Nurse Tracie blogs about the impact of coronavirus on gynae cancer care and why we need your support.

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