Thank you for all your support in 2018

And it’s thank you from Eve……

To everyone who has contacted our Ask Eve service, shared their problems and fears, trusted us to answer their questions and put their minds at ease over potential signs and symptoms. Seeking a medical opinion and booking a doctor’s appointment for a gynae problem can take a lot of guts. We’re here to give you the guidance and confidence to do so.

To our donors, who with their fivers and tenners (and often considerably more) are helping fund world-class medical research.

To our researchers who believe that our joint ambition to change preventative healthcare for these cancers is possible within the next decade.

To the clinicians who so skillfully treat women with empathy and respect with speculums, scalpels and a cocktail of chemo, radiation and drugs. It’s not easy, and most of us wouldn’t and couldn’t make those life-changing and life-saving decisions on a daily basis. They are amazing.

To the women and the people who love them, who are affected by these cancers and who tell their stories of immense loss, of unexpected bleeding, pain, saying goodbye to their fertility, being slammed into early menopause and facing an uncertain future. They are heroes.

If you would like to help support Ask Eve and our medical research programme, you can make a donation here.