Holding a charity bucket collection

Thank you for your interest in holding your own bucket collection in aid of The Eve Appeal! Charity bucket collections are a fun and easy way to raise much needed funds for and awareness of gynae cancers.

Here you’ll find all the information you need to organise your own bucket collection so please follow this easy step-by-step guide to make most of the day.

Get in Touch
Once you have decided to hold your own bucket collection, please call our fundraising team on 020 7605 0109 or email us at fundraising@eveappeal.org.uk, so we can help you organise your collection and provide you with all necessary materials.

Choose a Location
When deciding where to collect, consider visibility, timing, and amount of people in the area – shopping centres, supermarkets and train stations are all excellent choices. Deciding on a location in advance is important to ensure you have plenty of time to arrange permissions or apply for a license if needed.

Get Permission
No matter where you choose to collect, you must first obtain the right permissions. If you select a private property, such as a shopping centre or a train station, you will need to obtain permission in writing from the property or business owner. If you collect on public property, such as a park or street, you will need a license from the local council or police. We ask that you do not carry out door to door or business to business (including pub to pub) collections in aid of The Eve Appeal. This is due to increased levels of concern and distrust from the public around these types of collections.

Applying for a license may take time, so be sure to start this process well before your collection date. When asking for permission, present your Letter of Authority from The Eve Appeal, discuss when and where you will be collecting, and explain the goal of the bucket collection. Be sure to carry your written permission or license with you at all times on the day of your collection.

Gather Materials
Our team will provide you with all of the materials you need for your collection, including Eve Appeal T-shirts and stickers for your buckets as well as a Letter of Authority. You will need to have all of these items with you on the day of collection.

Round-up Volunteers
Collecting is more fun in a group! Invite friends and family to help, or ask local volunteer groups to assist you. Be sure to adhere to any restrictions on the number of collectors allowed at your location. Also, remember that while they may want to help out, children under 16 cannot legally collect funds.

Plan Your Day
Scout out your location beforehand. Pick spots to stand where you will be clearly seen and set up a rotation for your collectors if needed. Find sealable buckets for collecting donations and attach Eve Appeal stickers to the outer surface of each bucket. Make sure all volunteers have an Eve Appeal T-shirt to wear and that it is visible during the collection. If you are collecting during cold months consider ordering larger T-shirts so you can wear them over a jacket. Finally, have physical copies of your Letter of Authority as well as the permission granted for you to collect, in case someone questions you.

On the Day of Collection
Have fun! People are more willing to donate if you are smiling and appear to be genuinely enjoying yourself. Ask people to donate to The Eve Appeal – feel free to remind them that The Eve Appeal is the only UK national charity raising awareness and funding research for all five gynaecological cancers. Be sure to be polite and make a good impression, even when people choose not to give. When people do donate, thank them kindly. Finally, don’t forget to take lots of pictures and promote your collection on social media!

Keep in mind that there are a few rules set up by Fundraising Regulator that must be followed throughout the day:

  • If times are not set out as part of agreements or licences, standard operating hours are 9am-9pm on a weekday and 10am-9pm on a weekend
  • Avoid causing obstruction, congestion and nuisance to the public and do not pressure anyone to donate
  • As much as you might be tempted please refrain from shaking your bucket
  • Make sure your Eve Appeal T-shirts and logos are visible at all times
  • You must not smoke while collecting or collect under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Ensure the collection buckets are sealed and secure at all times
  • Do not act in any way that could disturb or upset the public – remember you are representing The Eve Appeal and maintaining our reputation is a crucial aspect of our success

After the Collection
Break the seal on the buckets in a secure location and remove the donations. Money must be counted by two unrelated volunteers and banked with The Eve Appeal as soon as possible. Please make sure that the funds are not left unattended or with a person under the age of 16.

Banking Your Funds
Visit the Bank Your Funds page on our website to learn how your collections can be donated at your earliest convenience.