Understanding Womb Cancer

Hearing the news that you have womb cancer – or are concerned that you might have womb cancer – can be frightening.

What you need now are facts – we have developed a comprehensive information guide for women who have been affected by a womb cancer diagnosis. This information may also be helpful for families and friends.

You can download a copy here.

Three fantastic women supported this process by sharing their experience of being diagnosed with and treated for womb cancer. Below they share a bit more about themselves, their cancer journey and why they became involved with The Eve Appeal.


Daloni is also sharing her experience as part of the upcoming BBC Radio 4 Appeal. Read more about her involvement here.


Faith was trying to conceive, and being treated for endometriosis, when she was diagnosed with womb cancer.

“I had the full works, chemotherapy and surgery. I’ve had lots of side effects, so it’s just felt like a never-ending round of appointments. It’s had a huge impact on me.

“But I feel incredibly lucky to have been diagnosed. The procedure I had for endometriosis was routine so when the indication of cancer came back from the lab it was a huge shock. Considering the symptoms I was having nobody at any stage had mentioned the possibility of cancer.”