“Please get bleedin’ checked…”

Jane Kenneford was diagnosed with womb cancer in early 2015 after experiencing the most commonly associated symptom - unusual bleeding. Here, Jane shares her story, in the hope that others who may be experiencing similar symptoms will visit their GP.


My cancer experience began back in January 2015; I woke up one morning and noticed I had been bleeding – but didn’t think anything of it and left it because of it being the weekend. A few days later, I awoke to find that I had been bleeding once more – and decided I should visit my GP.

Unfortunately, my GP wasn’t available, so I saw a locum doctor the same day instead. They referred me onto a 2-week pathway due to my age and an appointment was made for two weeks’ time for an internal and external ultrasound.

During the internal ultrasound – polyps were discovered. This was a relief. A biopsy followed and I was booked into have the polyps removed. However, the following week I was called in to discuss the results of my biopsy – and this sent alarm bells ringing – so much so I took my daughters along with me for support. It was at this point I was told I had been diagnosed with womb cancer.

“My diagnosis was a complete and utter shock to me and my family – I couldn’t quite believe it.”

Jane (R) with her daughter Rebecca (L)

I was booked in for a scan – but for a whole week my head was a mess. I was in complete shock. I had heard about other cancers, but not womb cancer. I was lucky to have the support of my family, but also a Macmillan nurse who helped to put my mind at ease following my diagnosis.

I was booked in for a hysterectomy on Monday 16th March – and after seeing my surgeon for a pre-op, it was confirmed that the cancer had not spread to any other organs. After the surgery, I was asked to attend a follow-up appointment – where it was confirmed it hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes, meaning no further surgery would be required, but I did have to undergo three rounds of radiotherapy to reduce the risk of the cancer returning. I was formally diagnosed with Grade 3 1A womb cancer.

I’m now recovering well and have 4-monthly check-ups with my consultant going forward; but I’d urge women that if you notice any unusual bleeding – please, please visit your GP – it could save your life.