Share your Story

Gynaecological cancers affect thousands of women every year in the UK. In the UK along, 55 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, and perhaps even more startling is that 21 women who have previously been diagnosed will die each day too.

That's far too many mothers, daughters, partners or friends to lose to the disease.

That is why telling your story can make a real difference to others living with gynaecological cancer and encourage people to support The Eve Appeal. So whether you’re taking part in an interview for our website or for a blog post, sharing your experiences with a journalist or inspiring others by speaking at an event for us, there are a number of ways you could help people understand what life is like living with a women-specific cancer.

The power of a women sharing her heart-wrenching personal experience evokes so much emotion and feeling that it truly gets the message across of how devastating gynaecological cancers can be.

If you'd like to share your story with The Eve Appeal and become a case study please complete the below form; where Wesley, our Communications Officer will be in touch to arrange a short, informal interview.