Preventing Cervical Cancer

The cervical cancer screening programme saves lives. So why is the number of women going for screening at its lowest for 21 years?

The cervical cancer screening test – or smear test – has been around since the 1980s. But some confusion persists as to what it is. Many think that it’s a test for cervical cancer. Yet it’s actually a test looking for abnormal cells that have the potential to turn into cancer.

Uncertainties like these, and fear about what the test is like, can lead a woman to ignore her invitation to book a smear, when the letter pops through her door. That can have serious, life-threatening consequences.

Myths and truths
So for Cervical Screening Awareness week this June, we have launched our FAQ sheets to sit alongside our myth-busting, fact-filled video series, Myths and Truths. Adeola Olaitan, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist and Eve Appeal Trustee, and Karen Hobbs, our Cancer Information Officer, clear up a wide range of questions on cervical cancer and smear tests.

Day 1 – An Introduction to Cervical Screenings

Day 2 – What you should know about HPV

Day 3 – The HPV Vaccine – myths and truths

Day 4 – Cervical screening results and what they mean

Day 5 – The signs, symptoms and risks of cervical cancer

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