Weddings – a great keepsake

“Our gorgeous pin badges are a great keepsake for guests and reminder of loved ones on your special day…”

If you’d like to order some The Eve Appeal pin badges as wedding favours or would like to ask for donations instead of gifts, please email or call 020 7605 0100.

Louise Boscott married her fiancé James Wood in a beautiful church in West Sussex. On such a special day they both chose to support charities that were important to them. Louise chose The Eve Appeal as her mother, Maria Cody, died of ovarian cancer in 2007.

“My Mum was my best friend. She had a great sense of humour and a positive attitude; even through her illness she was more concerned about how the family were coping than herself. In October 2006 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and in February 2007 she died. Mum didn’t get to see my sister married either, but at least she met her first grandchild who was born a month before her cancer was diagnosed.

She wrote cards for me and my sister before she died and got her friend to give them to us after she passed. Her words were that I would soon have a family of my own. I know that she would have loved my husband James, and be proud of the life that we have made with each other in West Sussex.

I chose to have our wedding on Mum’s birthday as it was a great way to celebrate the start of our new lives together and to celebrate her life. We chose to have The Eve Appeal pins to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer and thought they were a great keepsake for everyone to remember their loved ones too. I know that she always wanted to see me happy and she would have loved to be there with all the family.

On the morning of the wedding I was actually quite calm; the photographer said she had never met such a calm bride! My two best friends and my sister stayed with me the night before, so it was lovely to spend the morning with them getting ready. The nerves didn’t really hit me until I was waiting for the car with my Dad. The car was 30 minutes late – James was convinced I wasn’t going to turn up!

It was lovely to celebrate the day with our families. We had a band for the evening party and as James is the guitarist in his own band, they did an impromptu song on the night which was great fun! It was a fantastic day and night, filled with love and laughter and a few tears on my sister’s part!”

If you would like to have The Eve Appeal pin badges as wedding favours or would like to ask for donations instead of gifts, please email us at or call 020 7605 0100.