Birthday – celebrate in style

If you’d like to benefit The Eve Appeal as you celebrate a birthday, we’d be honoured and delighted to help in any way we can.

We have posters you might like to display and pin badges you might like for your guests. We can send you gift envelopes so that your friends and family can make their donations in private (and allow us to claim Gift Aid). Or if you prefer you can set up an online page on Virgin Money Giving or ask your friends and family to donate on our website. Please do get in contact if you’d like more information.

The answer to my problems

“Having been harassed by my family about my forthcoming 70th birthday, and the need to mark the occasion, I eventually gave in and arranged a party for friends and family. It was a terrific celebration and as it was held in a local hotel the guests came from far and wide including Australia, South Africa, USA, not to forget Ireland and Scotland. The majority made a weekend of it so I felt it had been a whole weekend birthday.

At the grand old age of 70 there are not a lot of things I need or want as presents. However most people don’t like coming to parties without something and I had no wish for loads of wine, sweets or even a glut of flowers.

A very close friend of mine lost her 32 year old daughter to ovarian cancer five years ago. It all happened very suddenly and within six weeks of diagnosis Claire had died. She left two daughters age three and one. It was an awful experience and we were very upset and distraught. My friend then discovered your charity and we have had various tea parties etc. over the years. So as far as I was concerned the Eve Appeal was the answer to my problem. Thomas and then Ruthie were fantastic and couldn’t help enough which made organisation very simple.

The real stars were my fabulous friends and family who were so very generous – I was staggered at the amount I raised. Good luck to all of you in your fundraising for this dreadful disease.”

Lesley Atherton supported The Eve Appeal for her 70th Birthday by asking her friends and family to donate in lieu of presents

We are here to help in any way we can. We can send you gift envelopes so that you friends and family can make a donation in private (and claim gift aid). If you would like some more information, posters or pin badges please do get in contact. If you prefer you can set up an online page on Virgin Money Giving or alternatively you can ask your friends and family to donate on our website.

Memorable and magnificent

Charles Robertson decided to celebrate his birthday in style with a 1950’s themed party. He chose to support The Eve Appeal asking for donations in lieu of presents. Charles had fantastic time and his friends and family raised an incredible amount for The Eve Appeal.

“I was 70 years young on the 22nd March and to celebrate this with friends and family it was decided to have a 50s themed party. The party was largely organised by Bridget, my partner along with my daughters Catriona and Shona and with help from some friends. The details of the event were hidden from me as I like surprises, though I knew the party was taking place.

It was held in Banchory Golf Club who laid on a 50s style buffet complete with a memorable ice cream parlour and associated goodies. It was a very musical affair; Bridget had hired a singer to whom we jived, my sister Mary and her musically talented family provided further entertainment and two friends joined me to finish the night off with a jam sing-along session.

My wife Christine passed away in 2001 succumbing to ovarian cancer. When invitations were sent out I suggested that instead of gifts to me donations could be made to The Eve Appeal, as I am lucky and enjoy good health and want for very little. I was delighted that my friends and family responded so magnificently!”

To receive donations in lieu of presents you can request gift envelopes, allowing your guests to make a donation in private (and Gift Aid it). Alternatively you can set up a page on Virgin Money Giving and share the link with your friends and family. They can make a gift online and leave you a personal message.

If you would like any materials for your celebration or have any questions please email or call 020 7605 0100.