In Memory

Making a donation in memory of a loved one can be a meaningful way of celebrating their life. Perhaps you’d like to ask family and friends to donate instead of giving flowers, hold a collection at the funeral or to set up an online tribute fund.

Collection at a Funeral

If you are collecting in memory of a loved one, we can provide you with donation envelopes to make this process as easy as possible. This allows your family and friends to make a donation in private and gives them the option to Gift Aid their donation.

Then just send the envelopes back to us at: The Eve Appeal, 15B Berghem Mews, Blythe Road, London, W12 0HN

We can also send you other materials and information about The Eve Appeal and our work, so your friends and family can find out more about the charity you are supporting.

Tribute Fund

Another way to remember a loved one is to set up an online tribute fund using Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving.

This is easy to do and you can make your page as personal and special as you like by adding photos and sharing your memories. Once your page is set up you can share it via email and social media.

A tribute fund online allows your friends and family to make a gift at any time, wherever they are and to leave you a message, sharing their memories.

If you would like any further information, donation envelopes or materials please email Ruthie or call 020 7605 0106.