Frequently Asked Questions- Leaving a Legacy

If you’re feeling a bit daunted at the thought of making a will, or amending your current will, below are a list of frequently asked questions to help you.

Why do I need a will?
It is important to make a will so that your money and your possessions can be left to who you wish after you die. Having a will also make things simpler for your family to sort out afterwards.

If you do not have a will your estate will be distributed as the law sees fit.

Do I need a solicitor to make or amend a will?
It is generally advisable to use a solicitor. Whilst you can buy kits to write your own will, if the wording is not correct your will could be invalid and it can be expensive to correct.

The Law Society can assist you in finding a solicitor. You can search online by clicking here or you can phone their hotline on 0370 606 2555.

How can I leave a gift to The Eve Appeal in my will?
There are three types of gifts you can leave to The Eve Appeal:

  • Residual Legacy- a gift or a percentage of the value of your estate after all other gifts have been made. This allows you to provide for your family and friends and leave a share of what is left to The Eve Appeal.
  • Pecuniary Legacy – a gift of a fixed sum of money.
  • Gift in Kind- a gift of a specific item such as shares, a house or items of jewellery.

If you already have a will, does it reflect your current circumstances?
If there are a lot of changes, it is best to write a new will.

If it is just a few minor changes then you can add a codicil (a sort of legal P.S.) rather than re-writing your whole will. We recommend that you ask your solicitor to prepare and check your codicil. If you do it yourself you may accidentally invalidate your will.

Here is an example of how to leave a gift to The Eve Appeal in your will:

“I give a XX% share of the residue of my estate to The Eve Appeal, 15B Berghem Mews, Blythe Road, London, W14 0HN (Registered Charity Number 1091708, Scottish Registered Charity Number SC042612) for its general charitable purposes and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurers or duly authorised officer shall be valid and appropriate form of discharge to my executors”

How will my gift help?
Through donating a gift to The Eve Appeal in your will you enable us to continue to plan and fund world-class research projects into women’s cancer.

Through our supporters generosity we funded UK Collaborative Trial Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS) one of the largest clinical trials in the world. We have completed our funding of Predicting Risk of Ovarian Malignancies, Improved Screening and Early detection (PROMISE) which aims to aims to halve deaths from ovarian cancer in the UK and beyond and we have begun funding our next big project 4C, which aims to develop one test to predict the risk of four female cancers.

Projects such as this are made possible through your help. Click here to read more about our research.

Raising awareness into all five gynaecological cancers goes hand in hand with our research. Early detection and diagnosis is so important with these cancers; it can save women’s lives. The signs and symptoms are often unknown and not discussed due to embarrassment. We are continually raising the profile of these cancers so all women know what to be aware of. Click here to find out more about the signs and symptoms of gynaecological cancer

I can only leave a small amount, does it matter?

Any gift whether small or large is special to us. Each one represents an individual who wanted to help save more women’s lives through raising awareness and research into cancer prevention and early detection.

How does leaving a gift to charity affect my inheritance tax?

Gifts to charities are generally tax exempt. You may also be able to use gifts to charities to stay below the Inheritance Tax threshold or qualify for the lower rate. To find out more about inheritance tax please click here read the guidelines on the HMRC website.


Estate: This is the term used for your property, possessions and money after you die.

Legacy: This is a gift of money or a possession as stated in a person’s will.

Codicil: This is like a legal P.S. it can make specific provisions or changes from your last will. If you have several codicils or have made major changes it is recommended that you write a new will.

Executors: These are the people you have appointed to take responsibility for the administration of your will. It is common to appoint more than one to share the responsibility and in case anything happens to one of your executors. Your executors could be friends, family members, solicitors, accountants or banks.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift in your will to The Eve Appeal please get in contact by emailing Wil or calling him on 020 7605 0100. All calls will be taken in confidence.