Get Lippy 2021

In 2021 we Got Lippy and Loud in May as nearly 1/4 of women and people with gynae organs have felt not listened to when seeking medical help for their gynae health. We worked to change this!

We launched tips for people to feel empowered and confident during their gynae health appointment and tips for healthcare professionals to support their patients with the greatest barriers in accessing gynae healthcare.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Getting Lippy- our brand partners, our ambassadors, and every single person who bought a Get Lippy product, took part in the Get Lippy run or shared any of our life-saving gynae health information- THANK YOU.

Next year we will be back to break down the stigma around gynae health and raise money for research and awareness, if you’re a brand that wants to join us in Getting Lippy and Loud about gynae health, contact