Get Lippy 2020

Thank you to everyone who Got Lippy and Loud about gynaecological cancers with us back in May 2020.

As the covid19 pandemic hit, we heard more and more stories of people sitting on worrying symptoms, symptoms that could be a sign of a gynae cancer. Our Yougov survey found that nearly HALF of young people would sit on key symptom, bleeding between periods, until after the pandemic. And our nurse-led information service, Ask Eve, saw a 22% increase in calls, with every caller mentioning the pandemic and how it will affect NHS services.

Our fantastic brand partners, ambassadors and YOU, our supporters, all Got Lippy and Loud to raise awareness of the key symptoms of cancer that shouldn’t be sat on, and got the message out there for all to hear: Cancer isn’t in lockdown.

We are so grateful for all of your support spreading awareness and raising funds through what was a difficult time for everyone. THANK YOU.