Get Lippy 2019

A HUGE lippy and loud thank you to everyone who supported Get Lippy in 2019. Thanks to all of your glorious Lippy purchases, social media pouts and kisses, and awareness raising, 2019 was lippier and louder than ever.

A big thank you to our fantastic Get Lippy partners in 2019, and an extra big Eve THANK YOU to our lead partners Tesco and CEW and our Get Lippy ambassadors for making the campaign a huge success, and helping us bust taboos around gynae health and ask the difficult questions.

Like why are BAME women significantly more likely to be let down by the gynaecological health system? Why is it even harder for those living with a disability, or with the effects of FGM, or for those who have suffered trauma or abuse to access the gynae health care and information that they need? Why are some girls and women so afraid of saying the words ‘vulva’ or ‘vagina’ that they won’t seek medical help if there’s a problem? Why are teenagers being made to believe they need vaginal deodorants, vulval clay masks and scented ‘woo-woo wipes’ for their genitals to be considered ‘normal’?

Why do we spend so little on women-specific medical research when we make up 51% of the population? And why don’t so many people know there are five – yes, FIVE – gynaecological cancers?

For too long, society has shied away from addressing these issues. Get Lippy set out to change that, and girl we got loud!