Christmas Appeal

“Whilst I know I can’t change what happened to Judith, I can make a difference.”

This Christmas, Cathryn shares her partner Judith’s story in the hope that she can help protect another woman, and their family, from going through what she has been through. Your gift this Christmas could help make this possible. Donate today and help save lives.

“Judith was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2018 after experiencing a slight pain in her lower abdomen. Initially we didn’t think it was anything to worry about, so finding out it was cancer was a complete shock.

Although it was a really hard time, Judith remained positive and optimistic throughout her chemotherapy, and after a year, she received the all-clear.

Just a few short months later however, Judith had started to experience pain again. We knew things were not right.

In August 2020, Judith sadly passed away – just two years after she was diagnosed.

I miss Judith more than words can possibly describe. She was such a special person to me and whilst I know I can’t change what happened to her, I can make a difference for other women. But I need your help.

By giving a donation this Christmas, you could help fund research that can save women’s lives. You could help make sure their families can enjoy many more Christmases together.”

Share your Christmas wish, memory or message of hope for all the women and their families affected by gynaecological cancer on our dedication page.