Mass Participation Events and Coronavirus FAQ

LAST UPDATED: 11th March 2020

A number of supporters have been in touch with questions and concerns around of the impact of the current coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak on mass participation events like the London Marathon. At The Eve Appeal we are currently following the advice of the race event organisers, alongside the latest government guidance. We recommend all our supporters do the same, and take into account their own risk factors as well.

We’ve put together these FAQ’s around mass participation events which we hope you find useful. However if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Rosa either by emailing or by calling 020 7605 0103.

How will I know whether the challenge I have a place in is going ahead?

We recommend that you follow the event organisers on Twitter as they will provide the latest updates on the challenge that you are taking part in – we will be doing the same. The event organisers are also likely to contact you via email if you are a registered participant, and we will contact all participants as soon as any race changes are announced.

What if my event doesn’t get cancelled but I don’t want to take part because I’m worried about getting coronavirus and/or have an underlying health condition?

We ask that you let us know as soon as possible and we can discuss this with you. Once we have spoken, you will also need to let your sponsors know as soon as possible. If you pull out of a race then you must ask those who sponsored whether they would like their donation refunded – we can give you guidance on this process.

What happens if my event gets cancelled?

Each event is likely to have different processes if/when cancelled or postponed. We will be in touch with each participant to discuss the impact of this once we receive any guidance from the race organisers.

Can I still sign up to your challenge events?

Yes! All of our challenge events are still open and you can sign up via our website. If any events are cancelled or postponed we’ll update the participants, and our website, right away.

Can I take on an alternative challenge?

Absolutely! You could cover the distance you were supposed to do in your local park or sign-up to an equivalent race later in the year – please make sure you update your fundraising page to let your sponsors know and please do let us know as well. If you would like more ideas on other challenges you could take on then please do get in touch.

What do I need to do to prove I’ve taken on the challenge myself?

We recommend using Strava to track your miles (or if it is a swimming challenge you might want to have a witness to prove you swam the miles you say).

We’ve set up two Eve clubs which you can join to meet fellow members of Team Eve, share progress and motivate each other:

–          Running, walking or jogging join here 

–          Cycling join here

Once you’ve completed your challenge, we recommend taking a screen shot of your results from Strava and posting this on your fundraising page so all your sponsors know what you have achieved.

To read more about taking on a virtual sporting challenge click here.

My event was cancelled, can I just run the route I would have done of my own back?

Health & safety when taking on virtual events is key! A lot of mass participation events, like the London Marathon, will involve road closures, medical teams, refreshments throughout as well as much more. Running the route yourself may not be safe and is therefore unadvisable – we recommend taking on a route that is safer and carries less risk. We’re happy to talk you through this, so please do get in touch with any questions.

We will be updating this page as regularly as possible. We recommend all participants in events take advice from the event organisers and take into account current government guidance and their own risk factors.